Life Coaching Testimonials - Costel CoravuI am 54 years old former top executive with 16 years experience of working in big international companies.

Since September 2009 I started my new journey of becoming a professional business coach through my training with International Coaching Academy (ICA).

A wonderful new world opened for me and time came to decide which way to go. Therefore I chose to make a drastic change in my career and gave up my executive one to the more fulfilling and calling private business as a professional coach.

Inside the training program, the International Coaching Academy is including a support offered by more advanced students to the beginners by coaching them for a certain number of sessions.

So being involved in this very challenging new endeavor, I took the opportunity and looked for a coach to support me, through a tool offered by ICA called “Discussion board“. There, either the new students or the more advanced ones are posting their announcements. Looking through them in the search for my coach, I was pleasantly attracted by the announcement of Hakan and contacted him for asking to be my coach. And he accepted, as he later on explained to me, being challenged by the situation to be coaching a much elder person and a much more experienced one than himself, coming also from a different culture.

I may say I was very inspired to choose Hakan, because look what happened:

  • When we started, I was very much concerned about the marketing tools I would use for promoting my new business ; Hakan is a very experienced person in the  field of internet marketing and he very generously offered his full support and knowledge to me.
  • I was having a lot of “not being enough prepared “ of “not knowing enough“ thoughts which tended to block my progress in starting practicing coaching with clients; he very gently and strongly made me realize the big potential which was latently already existing in me just waiting to be fully expressed, empowering and energizing me to fully play the new game I chose.
  • At the beginning he asked me: “What would be the measure of the efficiency of our coaching process?” Without any second thought I said: “to have at least one paying client“. You know what happened? Just before our last session, I cashed the first payment from a client; from zero to the first paying client in just three months.

All in all, being coached by Hakan was a very enriching and wonderful journey, which brought clarity, efficiency and a lot of fun in my new life quest.

Thank you Hakan for being who you are.

Costel Coravu, Harmony & Business Coach, Romania - January 2010