Before I got to know Hakan Arabacioglu, I was all the time desiring things, I took actions with no control at all and I did not believe in the mere possibility that my wishes would come true. Thus, I was making attempts for things but as I started thinking about them, I was assuring myself that the result would be a negative one; sometimes the result indeed would be just as I had expected, negative that is, without me realising how. I had aspirations in life but they were rather ambiguous. With prejudices such as “it never happens”, “impossible”, I was making possible things, impossible. Thus, I had turned into someone wishing for many things but hardly spending an effort to achieve them. Then I somehow got to know Hakan Arabacioglu. As this Life Coaching concept was emerging slowly in Turkey, I thought 'may be a life coach is what I really need'. I wrote him just so, not genuinely believing that this scattered picture could be put back in order again. Who could do what for me anyway? It would only take me to do something for myself. However, I knew that successful people kept some power and knowledge to themselves and that they also had a life coach for themselves.

Lazy people run away from tasks and duties most of the time, they always have their excuses, they somehow develop a fake self assurance that make them say “I will do it some day” but I was not lazy at all as I was working with Hakan Arabacioglu because here I was working with a life coach that motivated me without taking the heart out of me and helped me discipline my thoughts with full patience. I practiced wholeheartedly because all was about me and for me. I no longer was searching for something outside. It was giving me more and more power to work with a coach that helped me look into myself and see the strength in me, he assisted me in realising most of the strength I had in me with an attitude as if he was not doing anything in particular.

After having worked with Hakan Arabacioglu, many things in my life have changed for the good with an increasing momentum. The phrase 'now has come the time to take action' never crossed my mind because I had already started taking action and started my way towards my goals with the first hello I said to Hakan. Life coach Hakan Arabacioglu first of all gets to know the person he works with; he gives you confidence so that you never feel exhausted as you head for your goal. It is as if everything happens by itself. After having improved my awareness, I have come to realise that it was actually me setting all these hurdles on my way; and again it was me clearing them from my way and heading for my goal as I wished to do so. Now I have positiever ve ideas about how and when I will be able to realise my aspirations and I have started taking steps for that. I am actually seeing them being realised already. You would ask whether this whole thing is a miracle if I told you all. Now I know my path to follow and I have my peace of mind. I am grateful for having met and worked with Mr Arabacioglu. Everything is so different than before. Since I do not want to disclose all my secrets for success, I strongly recommend you to meet Hakan Arabacioglu and start working with him as soon as possible.

Deniz Ozcetin, General Manager, Training Coordinator - January 2009