All I saw in the mirror was a person who could never manage her relationships; someone who chose to be a victim, felt sorry for herself, blamed life and also everyone around her, and had a big emptiness inside she could never fill even though she felt positive sometimes, and most importantly felt lonely and incomplete all the time.

Before calling Hakan, I was busy suffering since I didn’t understand the depth of the illusions I created as a result of my feelings of unworthiness. I tried to find myself in books; however, something was wrong because I failed to practice what I learnt from the books. I still remember what I used to tell myself: ‘You deserve a better life, and you deserve it now, not a minute later. You must do everything to achieve it; if need be, you will sacrifice buying many pairs of shoes or dresses etc, and stop going out at night for a time so that you will be able receive help for your situation.’ So I called Hakan whom I have come across coincidentally(!) for many times. And our journey began in a joyous way.

My life began to change and take a new shape just the way I wanted, beginning from our first meeting. I tried so hard, I cried so much and it really challenged me but I learnt in the end! I learnt how to love myself, an experience which I would not trade for any other. I made peace with myself. I accepted myself. I learnt how to really love people, accept them as they are and smile sincerely. In short, I created my own heaven through the help of Hakan and through my own choices. And as soon as I stopped doing my practices, I realized that I began to create my own hell. I know that all the power lies in the moment. Just make peace with yourself, love yourself and finally look inside; because there is everything you need there.

I thank you Hakan for being a friend on this beautiful path, helping me professionally to change my life and waiting patiently for me to discover my real self...

With Love,

Sena Ş., Istanbul - June 2012