Life Coaching Testimonials - Füsun V.The Torch

After years of an expat life, I decided to move to Istanbul with my two children and start a new life, far away from my ex-husband. The first couple of months were excitingly new and seemed to take a pace I wished for. However, what I did not realise was, that I had no control over my new life. Things happened the way I did not want them to.  I met people that were just not right for me.

My devastating legal divorce battle was still not over and seemed to get nastier each day that passed, topped by my diminishing financial means to an existential minimum with no prospect of a regular income. Plus I got entangled in an unhealthy relationship that sucked the last bit out of me and drained me to exhaustion.

Without me being really aware of the road I took, I suddenly found myself in a dead-end street with total darkness, tremendous emotional pain and unbearable sufferance. Blinded by my pain, and the feeling of not being loved, I detached myself more and more from my true inner self and disguised my decreasing self-esteem in arrogance and ignorance.  Like an unguided missile I was close to collision.

I knew I needed to change and take the reins. However, I did not know how and where to start.
Then Hakan walked into my life, equipped with patience, serenity, love and perseverance. He asked me questions. Questions that shook me, woke me up, twirled and whirled me around. Questions that opened hidden treasure boxes and made my biggest fears look so simple to tackle. Questions that I never thought of asking myself. Questions that suddenly showed me another dimension, new horizons that I was not able to see before.

All those questions had one purpose: put gradually light on things that I could not see with my pain-blinded eyes or did not dare to look at for the fear of facing the un-known. For weeks and months Hakan took the torch and illuminated my darkness. He helped me to find the solutions and answers within me. I started to change, with it my life, my reality changed and took a course I guided.  I started to see my own value, increased my self-esteem, made peace with the past, learned to stand on both of my feed and took road towards my financial abundance. The precious gift I received from Hakan is, while living my life, perceiving everything that surrounds me with awareness, elucidation, compassion, love and gratitude, …..and most of all, thanks to Hakan, I learned to love myself, the bases of every true love.

Thank you again for today's session and life lesson you kept on shining on. Yet one step further in tiding up my rubbles and advancing in my perception for joy, abundance and love, I feel deeply grateful for the fact that you are part of my life. An important part! A part that makes me grow beyond the imaginable, or at least what I have believed to be imaginable. Thanks to you I come closer to myself and feel the healing light pervading into my life and the live's of the ones that are so dear to me. Thank you for your energy, patience and unconditional love you shine upon my path of growth. May the love for life and the light of wisdom always attract the right people into your surrounding.

Lots of love