Here in this section, you will find testimonials of people who have received Zest Coaching support, transformed their lives and then wanted to share their experiences with us.

Here in this section, you will find testimonials of people who have received Zest Coaching support, transformed their lives and then wanted to share their experiences with us.

Heal your relationships through the practices you will do by yourself on the website!

‘Hello, I am life coach Hakan Arabacioglu. I have done hundreds of hours of coaching sessions with women for years. Most of these sessions were with women who had problems in their relationships or marriages. I have learnt many things from all of them. There have been rapid improvements in their relationships as they began to improve themselves. Some even say that ‘their husbands who never came home soon turned into homebodies.’

These changes were achieved through doing self-observation instead of blaming others. So I would like to present you, from a man’s point of view, all the practices I have developed throughout these sessions. (You can read about the transformations my counselees have undergone in the Testimonials section and at the bottom of the page.)

"Have Your Dream Relationship" is a 15-day self-awareness and training program which contains practices you will be doing by yourself through the help of our website. Through the program, we will review your limiting beliefs and fears and find out how much you really love yourself. If each of your past relationships developed and ended in similar ways, then it’s time for you to take a completely different perspective about yourself...

Throughout the daily practices, you will get to know Amy who wants to marry, her childhood, her mother and the men who enter her life. Every 15 days, you will be introduced to a new section which includes new practices. You will receive e-mails which will remind you that you are ready for a new section. You can do the practices as many times as you want during the 3 months.

Present of the training I also have a surprise for you once you buy the package. Mary Jones, a healer who sings in a language that doesn’t exist on earth and heals through her voice, composed a song specially for this program upon my request. Those who buy the program will have the chance to listen to the song.

You may click the ‘Buy Now’ button when you are ready to meet with Amy.

Reminder: If you say "I have read many book so far, why not try these texts now.", then this program is not for you. This program is for those who are ready to confront and change themselves by answering the questions and doing the practices in a disciplined manner. The result will be an increased self-awareness and new steps taken with a totally different perspective. Your life will change through what you practice, not through what you read.

Who is this practice package for?

  • Those who never got the chance to have a relationship they dreamt of,
  • The ones who cannot forget about their past relationships,
  • Those who haven’t been in a relationship before,
  • Those who are married and have problems about their marriage.

Note: The content of this training is prepared for women. However, all the practices except that of the first day can be applied to men as well.

What does the practice package aim for? It aims to help you;

  • Discover your limiting beliefs and change them with the empowering ones,
  • Leave everything about your past relationships behind,
  • Focus on a new relationship,
  • Realize how you sabotage your relationship because of your worries.

What does this practice package include?

  • It includes explanations with practices, animations, questionnaires which inquires you according to your answers, meditation exercises and reminders for every new section.

You will begin a completely new relationship through the steps you take with your new awareness. You may proceed to press the "Buy Now" button if you are ready.


I am Hakan Arabacıoğlu. My job is to clarify the intentions of my clients by asking questions. For many years, I have been working with people who are dissatisfied with their career including

  • People who are unhappy with their corporate career and do not know where to start,
  • People who just got a promotion but do not have a solid self-assurance,
  • People who are offended because of not getting a promotion but do not know what to do with how they feel,
  • People who want to start or expand their own businesses but do not know how to do it

I have worked in several multi-national companies such as Ford Motor Company Turkey and P&G as well as in a Turkish firm called MLS Holding for 9 years. I have been in positions which are dreamt to be achieved by many. However my dissatisfaction only grew in time eventhough I was doing the job I always wanted to do. What I had realized after a time was that the career I thought I longed for was something that was ‘taught’ to me by my family and the Boğaziçi University I graduated from. I never thought about the career that would suit me.

p>In other words, what I had on was not a suitable outfit. However I was always trying the same size clothes hoping that I could feel comfortable in them. It took a long time for me to understand what my original size was and figure out what kind of an outfit would really suit me. For months, I asked questions to understand myself better. My answers brought me to my career in coaching, which I have been doing since 2008.

I love my job and I can imagine myself doing it even when I am 90.

I designed this training for those who are dissatisfied with their career but do not have a clue where to start. Different practices that will come up every few days will assign you ‘homework’ that make you analyze the issue. You will not have a result that will tell you ‘You can be a carpenter or an artist.’ But, you will know what kind of a job will make you happy as you will know yourself better at the end of the process. At this point, you may apply jobs accordingly or choose to create your own career. I am doing life coaching but I designed my job in a way that would suit me best. You can do the same!

Your new steps taken with a new level of understanding will lead you to a brand new career. You may proceed by clicking the Buy now button if you are ready.